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“this is a river restoration in the lower parts of Kölsjöån, here you will find our beloved Brown in a delightful habitat designed by Peter.
Endless pocket pickin´potential will hit you like a brick wall when you sneak your way down to Byströmmen.”

2017                 upper parts restored
2018                 lower parts restored

“not yet compleated, easy accsess to the Testebo river from the bridge and downstream. With the right set of tools, skills and the art of reading the water like a book, you will have contact with the Testebo river Grayling.”

2018            restoration (possibly)

“At first view, this has potential to become something big in several ways, the witdh of the Testebo river will be magnificent. Filled with possibilites and potential. Endless happiness will struck on the first day of restoration at this magical place.”

2019            restoration (planned)