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“This is a river restoration in the lower parts of Kölsjöån, here you will find our beloved Brown in a delightful habitat designed by Peter.
Endless pocket pickin´potential will hit you like a brick wall when you sneak your way down to Byströmmen.”

2017                 upper parts restored
2018                 lower parts restored

“Since 1800 this stream has been heavily affected from timber transport. The ecosystem has been disrupted, the result from this is faster sedimentaion transport and lack of  habitats in the stream. The upper parts of Testeboriver has now been revived, We have created more variation with deeper/shallow areas.”

2018            restoration complete

“At first view, this has potential to become something big in several ways, the witdh of the Testebo river will be magnificent. Filled with possibilities and potential. Endless happiness will struck on the first day of restoration at this magical place.
"Due money issues we could not complete Långforsen, about 200m is still untouched.”

2018            partly restoration done 
2019            Planned